Cobrane V1



Km range
Kg loaded
Kg towed

Mobility on large sites


The Cobrane V1 is self-stable, it does not need any accessories to stay balanced on its three wheels. It is very safe to climb and descend even with a load of 50 kg.


The Cobrane V1 has a patented pendulum direction that allows it great agility inside and outside buildings .. Its width of 85 cm allows it to sneak anywhere

Staff security

The Cobrane V1 emphasizes safety by offering a maximum speed of 15 km / h, so it can immerse itself in forklifts and pedestrians without risk. It also allows you to carry up to 50 kg, without risk of tipping while allowing the driver to save the load port.


The Cobrane V1 greatly increases agent productivity on large sites by providing them with a highly efficient means of mobility. The loss of time due to travel is very significantly reduced.


The Cobrane V1 is built mainly of steel, materials perfectly recyclable. It is fully electric and does not release any toxic gas.

Optional accessories

Aluminium rear tray

Can transport up to 50 Kg


Can carry up to 200 kg

Aluminium basket

Carries 7 kg

Closed aluminum casing

63 L Underwater Case


Driver Protection Package

Rotating Beacon

Powered by 12 v

Technical Characteristics

Lithium-Ion Battery pack 48 V

The Cobrane V1 is equipped with the latest generation of Lithium-Ion battery. Panasonic cells used in this pack provide a range of 40 km at 15 Km / h. This battery is recharged in 5 H on the sector (220 V) with its charger supplied. It is “Plug In” just clip it into its slot on the back of the Cobrane. We can lock it and control its charge level directly on the pack.

Brushless Motor 1000 W

The engine of the Cobrane A1 is a Brushless permanent magnet motor of 1000 W. It has no chain, no gimbal, no gear or pinion inside, this engine is really maintenance free and very big. reliability. It develops a torque of 105 Nm, able to carry and tow any payload. It operates in 48 V on 3 phases and has Hall sensor to be controlled by its electronic controller.

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