Cobrane A1



Km range
Kg loaded
Kg towed

One vehicle to move everywhere !


The Cobrane A1 stands alone, its three wheels give it great stability in curve as at rest. It does not need crutch, you can go up and down on the Cobrane without any risk, even with 100 kg of load.


The Cobrane A1 is articulated between the front and the back of its chassis. He therefore behaves like a bike and has great maneuverability at both low and high speed. Its width of 65 cm allows it to sneak everywhere

Staff sécurity

The Cobrane A1 represents a new generation of vehicles allowing to move, with equipment, without efforts and without risk on surfaces of several hectares. It is bridled at 25 km / h to coexist with other vehicles and pedestrians. It can be configured with a lower speed if necessary.  

It is the ideal tool for mobility on large closed sites: Industry, Camping, Airport, Exhibition Center, etc …


The Cobrane A1 allows very short response times which make the agents very effective in their work. Travel times are extremely low, increasing productivity


The Cobrane A1 is 100% electric. It has a battery pack of last generation Lithium-Ion. It is silent in a working environment, it emits no particles and almost all of its components are made of recyclable materials: Aluminum, Steel, PE, …

Optional accessories

Front luggage rack

Can carry up to 20 kg

Front basket

Can carry up to 7 kg


Lifts up to 200 kg

Open aluminium casing

Double skin aluminum pane, can load up to 100 kg

Closed aluminum casing

63 L Underwater Case

Trailer hitch

Lets hang trailers with a 50 mm ball

Cargo box

Waterproof case of 250 L of interior volume. Closes with key and has a removable shelf

Household trolley

Fully configurable trolley It can contain seal, carry brooms ...

Switch System

Allows accessory change without tools

Technical Characteristics

Lithium-Ion Battery pack 48 V

The Cobrane A1 is equipped with the latest generation of Lithium-Ion battery. Panasonic cells used in this pack provide a range of 30 km to 25 Km / h. This battery is recharged in 5 H on the sector (220 V) with its charger supplied. It is “Plug In” just clip it into its slot on the back of the Cobrane. We can lock it and control its charge level directly on the pack.

Brushless Motor 1000 W

The engine of the Cobrane A1 is a Brushless permanent magnet motor of 1000 W. It has no chain, no gimbal, no gear or pinion inside, this engine is really maintenance free and very big. reliability. It develops a torque of 105 Nm, able to carry and tow any payload. It operates in 48 V on 3 phases and has Hall sensor to be controlled by its electronic controller

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