Who are we

Who are we

Cobrane design is a Toulouse company founded by Raphael Colombié

Our history

I founded Cobrane Design in September 2012 with the idea of designing a 3-wheeled vehicle for the mobility of maintenance agents on industrial sites. Almost 6 years later, the Cobrane V1 has proven itself in industrial circles and we have developed its little brother, the Cobrane A1, to extend the use of these 3-wheel electric vehicles for micro mobility and delivery. I was fortunate to find on my way financial partners who have joined the adventure. The majority of the capital is now held by an investment company which is developing in the industrial sectors of aeronautics and nautical in the southwest of France. 

The adventure goes on …

Raphaël Colombié

Raphaël Colombié, fondateur de Cobrane

Cobrane Design is proud to be part of this national momentum for the entire industry. The Cobranes are manufactured in the workshops of Chantier Naval Couach in Gujan Mestras (33), they weld all the chassis, forks and all steel and aluminum parts. After finishing the mechanical parts, the sets are sent to our partner Cauquil in Mondouzil (31), this is where the Cobranes are assembled and equipped with all the accessories that compose it. It’s a true French teamwork, the entire value chain is made in the south west, COBRANE Design based in Toulouse, is responsible for the design and marketing of vehicles. All these companies are united in the NISIMA group, a real success story!

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